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BiVO Light or BiVO Workplace?

Dynamic working for every use is possible thanks to the SitStand desks.

The only choice you have to make is whether you go for a BiVO Light or a BiVO Workplace.

Electrically adjustable desks

Are you looking for a height-adjustable desk? Good idea. But you don't want to turn a lever endlessly to change the height of your desk. The BiVO Light and the BiVO Workplace are certainly something for you in that case. Both desks are electrically adjustable sitting and standing desks. At the push of a button, you can change the height of your workstation to your preferred height. This way you will continue to change your position.

Occasionally vs intensive use 

Working in a seated position is not good for your health. The combination of sitting and standing work and everything in between can prevent many health problems. With an electrically adjustable desk you can easily switch between sitting, standing or an intermediate position with a dynamic UP stool. For those who occasionally switch between standing and sitting there is the BiVO light. Do you change position several times a day or is the desk a shared desk? Then the BiVO Workplace is ready for you.

One push on the button

You don't have to remember what the ideal height for your workplace is! No, even that task is taken care of by your new desk. Both desks are equipped with an easy to use display with memory function. Once set up, one push of a button is all it takes and your desk floats steplessly to the right height. Ergonomic working becomes really fun.

Stable and strong as a bear

Electrically adjustable may sound great on paper, but if your desk needs to be almost empty before you can push the button, it won't do you much good. Fortunately, the BiVO desks have been designed with a stable steel T-shape base. Weight is no problem either, because the high quality desks both have a load capacity of 100kg.

Adapted to any size

You belong to the tallest or smallest? Don't worry, the BiVO light is adjustable from 70cm to 120cm. The BiVO Workplace is even adjustable from 65cm to 130cm. In addition, the BiVO Workplace can optionally be equipped with a spacious and foldable cable tray. Not only the back pain but also the cable chaos is avoided! Will you try a BiVO desk in one of our showrooms?