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Can I order and pay online? Online we have a very extensive catalogue. Here you can configure your articles to your own taste. Then you can order them safely and quickly and pay safely.

Do you have Belgian products? Where can I find them? Of course Buro International represents some of Belgium's top artists such as Vincent Sheppard, ABV and Extremis. All our brands can be found on this page

Can I test a sit-stand table? Where? Sit-stand tables can be tested in one of our showrooms (Tielt, Sint-Niklaas, Maldegem) or in the test centres.

Can I test an office chair? Where? Like our other products, office chairs can be tested in one of our showrooms (Tielt, Sint-Niklaas, Maldegem).

Is a white tabletop dirt-repellent? Reflective? All our tabletops are easily washable, if the tabletop is not cleaned immediately, spots can occur with certain products. White is always reflective, which is why good space planning is important.

When to choose a white tabletop or a black tabletop? A black tabletop is a lot more stressful for the eyes. For this reason, for an 8-hour working day, a white desk is strongly recommended. Moreover, this is the most neutral.

When to choose a veneer tabletop or a melamine tabletop? What's the difference? The difference with veneer compared to melamine is that veneer is a real layer of wood compared to a decor with melamine.

Wat is een fenix tabletop? Fenix is a brand name for a nano laminate, it has a "soft touch" and it is also fingerproof, leaving no fingerprints. Extremely interesting with black tabletops.

What's the difference between stratifi, melamine and HPL? With laminate, several layers of paper or plastic are used between the decor and the backing. In the case of melamine, the carrier immediately after the decor, which makes laminate more durable than melamine when used intensively.

Why do you need advice at an institution? Do you have to pay for advice? Budgeting, acoustics, lighting, style advice. These are just some of the aspects our experts can help you with and we are happy to help! Contact us here. 

When do I get an elaborated 3D drawing (render)? Is this paying? Sometimes the offer after consultation, whether or not on the basis of a 2D drawing, is not clear yet. In that case, a 3D drawing can help to prepare everything properly. Just like everyone else, nobody works for free, so a fully elaborated 3D drawing is indeed paying, although it will be deducted in case the project can be delivered by Buro International. Exceptions are of course always negotiable.

What is the normal/average delivery time of goods? Depends on product to product. We have several things on stock, others are on order. This can sometimes go up to 6-8 weeks from order.

Do you provide delivery and assembly? Does this involve extra costs? Delivery and assembly are also provided by Buro International or an external partner. Depending on the scale of the project, a fee will be charged for this. Please contact us for this.

Can I pick it up myself? Pick-up is always possible in our warehouse in Tielt. Please also contact us for this.

Do you give color advice? Color consulting can sometimes be the finish your office needed, we're happy to help and do what we can.

Do you give interior advice? Buro International employs architects, interior architects and interior designers. We have the right expert for every aspect.

What trends have there been in the field of offices in recent years? As the years go by, more and more attention is being paid to the design of work environments. An increase in productivity, atmosphere on the work floor but also the war for talent are at the root of this.The idea of a purely open-plan office is being reduced to a hybrid office. Where one has a correct place for every task in the office. Flexibility and variability are very important in this respect. But acoustics, the processing of natural elements and a great deal of attention to ergonomics also ensure that you have the perfect working environment.

Should I choose carpet or not in an office? Which floor covering is most suitable? There is no perfect floor covering. Carpet is more often installed today because of the acoustic properties it offers. Variety of carpet and parquet can make your office one for the booklets.

What dimensions should an individual workstation have and what should be the minimum distance between workstations? This depends on the task at the workplace although there are guidelines from the Flemish government. You can view these here.

Should I choose a brand or not? Where does the difference in price between private label and brand come from? At Buro International we choose for quality. Whether a Swiss design brand is chosen or a Belgian house brand, a design object often has a well-founded underlying story. A great deal of attention is paid to proportions and materials. A top product of a design brand will also decrease in value much less, which makes it interesting as an investment.

What are your house brands in office chairs? The brands we work with most often for office chairs are Interstuhl, Konig.

Can I also lease furniture instead of buying it from you? This is certainly possible, please contact us.

Can I get an office chair on probation? This is certainly possible, please contact us.

Can I get a sit-stand table on trial? This is certainly possible, please contact us.

What does an ideal home office look like? First of all, start with the basics. An adjustable office chair and a sit-stand table ensure that the whole family can work at a home office. In addition, it is also possible to invest in monitor arms, storage possibilities, decoration, etc. If you would like further advice on this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you also do custom work? We certainly do custom work and can advise you on how to bring a custom project to a successful conclusion.


Does an office chair help prevent back problems? A properly adjustable office chair helps to prevent complaints, but the entire workplace (desk height, screen, keyboard, ...) must be adjusted correctly.

What can I do to reduce back pain? Sitting still for a long time is absolutely avoidable, ideally you alternate the sitting position with a standing working posture at a ZitSta desk. At least put your chair in a dynamic position (back release) so that you (unconsciously) perform minimal movement. At least every hour a few minutes of getting up and moving.

Which office chair suits me? All our office chairs comply with the EN1335 standard and are therefore suitable for users of approximately 1m55 to 1m95. We also have solutions for smaller or larger users. If you suffer from low back pain, be sure to choose a good (height. Do you suffer from neck....

Is there a difference between a chair for the home workplace and the office workplace? At first sight no, for both places an ergonomic chair should have the necessary adjustment options (seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, etc.). If you work at home for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours a day, you can opt for a model with fewer adjustment options, but make sure you have a height-adjustable model that allows you to move around.

What is a good office chair or home office chair? A good office chair is a chair that can be adjusted completely to your anatomy and follows and supports you in your movements. In addition, this chair has the right adjustment options.

Is there a good children's desk chair? From what age do I look for a fully-fledged office chair for a child? For children everything depends on their physique, on average it can be from 12 years of age. Make sure that the technique can be adjusted lightly enough to allow the child to move around in the chair. If you choose a seat with seat depth adjustment, the chair grows with the child. A good alternative is the Up Junior by Interstuhl, an intelligent, multifunctional stool that follows the owner and is also height adjustable.

Where does the price difference come from between a cheaper and a more expensive office chair? The price difference is due to various factors, but mainly to the materials used, the quality of the technology, the adjustment options, the durability ... In the long term, an A-brand chair will become increasingly cheaper, as these chairs are specially developed for intensive use.

Is the most expensive office chair necessarily the best? Is the cheapest chair necessarily the worst? Not always, a good ergonomic office chair is not always the most expensive. Often the name or design is paid for. For a good ergonomic chair you have to quickly € 350 calculations, the middle segment is between € 500 and € 750, the top segment between € 750 and € 1500, leather is often a lot more expensive.

What is the average warranty period of an office chair? This depends on manufacturer to manufacturer, A-brands usually give between 5 and 10 years warranty.

Is there a warranty on the fabric of the chair? Yes, when used correctly a fabric should last as long as the chair, this has to do with the abrasion resistance. Most A-brand chairs work with a wear resistance of 100,000 rpm Martindale. For an office chair, a minimum of 50,000 rpm Martindale is recommended. The warranty on the fabric is often limited to 3 years.

What is the average lifespan of an office chair? This depends on how intensively the chair is used. When used 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, a good office chair should last at least 10 years.

Is a maintenance program possible on the chair? What does this mean?
Yes, there are several programs available. On the one hand it can be a technical maintenance contract where the seats are checked every 3 years for a price agreed in advance. By checking the chairs at regular intervals and greasing the gas lift where necessary, the lifespan is extended. On the other hand, chairs can also be cleaned. We sit on our chairs day in and day out. That's why we recommend giving it a deep and antibacterial cleansing every 5 years to make it look like new again. Please contact us for this. 

When to choose an office chair in leather? This is a personal choice. Leather is easier to clean than dust.

When is a chair 100% ergonomic? A chair is 100% ergonomic when it can be adjusted to your anatomy, gives you the necessary support and lets you sit dynamically. A good technique will make you move easily. Click here for our range of ergonomic office chairs.

What are the minimum requirements of a good chair? A good chair must have an easy to adjust technique, a good natural moving technique, seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, adjustable lumbar support and well adjustable armrests.

Is it best to choose an office chair with or without wheels? It's best to choose an office chair with castors, this way you are more mobile and can easily take up the right sitting position. Attention, always choose a 5-legged foot cross with wheels.

Are there special wheels for carpet/parquet/surface? Yes, hard wheels for carpet (soft surface) and soft wheels for hard surface (parquet, tiles, concrete, ...). Soft castors can also be used perfectly on low pile carpet.

Should I choose an office chair with or without armrests? From an ergonomic point of view, armrests are certainly recommended, if used correctly, they largely relieve tension in the neck & shoulder muscles.

Can an office chair be re-upholstered? Yes, an office chair can be re-upholstered, but this is usually not economically viable.

Can the parts of an office chair be replaced separately? Yes you can, some parts can be replaced yourself, others are more complex and need to be replaced by a professional. We try to produce as sustainably as possible and separately replaceable parts are part of this.


Do you take acoustic measurements? What does this mean? How much does that cost? Who's doing this? To measure is to know, and that certainly applies to acoustics. This is the only way to determine the right amount (not too little, but also not too much) and the right type of acoustic material.. The most common measurement is a reverberation measurement, but other types of measurements can also be carried out (e.g. to determine the insulation values of walls, speech intelligibility,...).The cost price depends on the size of the project: a quotation is invariably made in advance without any obligation. The measurements and drawing up of the acoustic report are done by a consultant who has followed the necessary training courses, always with professional material.

Can any acoustic problem be solved? Normally, any problem can be solved, but miracles do not exist in acoustics either. The tools to solve an acoustic problem are many: from applying acoustic material to adjusting the space planning.

At what point in a building or renovation process should I think about acoustics? What if I forgot? In the best case, the acoustics are already taken into account in the initial phase of the (re)construction process. In this way, a theoretical acoustic study can be carried out in the planning phase, so that the right materials can be advised. Physical acoustic measurements can already be made in the structural phase to determine exactly the right materials. And if this was overlooked, an acoustic solution can be found afterwards in harmony with the interior.

Can you just order the study of the acoustic problem without purchasing the solution?
This is certainly possible. When you order an acoustic study from us, you will receive a complete acoustic report with advice in numbers and letters and worked out on plan. You're then free to accept the proposal, or not. If you purchase the acoustic material from us, the cost of the study will be (partly) deducted.


How long can you sit down? It's best to avoid sitting still for hours. In order to stay healthy it is therefore important that you stretch your legs at least once every half an hour. Get a glass of water, take a stroll down the hallway of the office? Make sure you exercise regularly.

What is the optimal sit/stand height of my workplace? Sitting is best between 62 - 86 cm height and standing is best between 86 - 130 cm height. A good standing height is where the arms can rest in 90 degrees on the table top. In practice you will see that this is often equal to the navel height.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a sit-stand workplace? When you want to buy a ZitSta desk you should take the following factors into account: stability and adaptability. You can find a complete step-by-step plan here.  

What types of displays are there at ZitSta? At a ZitSta desk you can sit, stand and everything in between. The intelligence of a height-adjustable desk is in the display with memory function. You can find more information about this here.