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Let there be light

In these special times we all try to work as much as possible from the house. Although avoiding traffic jams sounds like a dream to some, this way of working has its pitfalls. How do you stay productive without being distracted by household chores? We have put together a few handy tips and tools especially for you.

Let the daylight shine on your workplace

This week it's also the turn of the "light" aspect. The right home lighting is essential to get through this period of intensive working from home. Although an aspect like a simple lamp may seem unimportant to many people, it can make a difference in productivity. A workshop near a window is highly recommended. These not only provide a pleasant view, they also contribute to the natural light of the house. Several scientific studies have already shown that daylight can contribute to employee satisfaction and peace of mind. Daylight regulates our biological clock and unconsciously controls various internal processes. So natural daylight keeps you awake and alert, two things that are sometimes in danger of being lost in an environment that is too comfortable.

Choose cold

Of course, the sun can't shine every day, so it's best to opt for a few tools. When choosing a (desk) lamp, the colour temperature and luminous intensity must always be taken into account. The higher the temperature, the colder the light. In a work environment it is recommended to make extensive use of cold temperatures because they keep employees attentive and attentive. When teleworking, do not try to surround yourself with warm and atmospheric light with a low temperature, because that does not benefit the attentiveness.

Minimum 500 Lux

Another factor to take into account is the luminous intensity, which is expressed in lux and indicates how much light is emitted on a certain surface. When the light intensity is too low it can put a heavy strain on the eyes. This in turn can lead to a reduction in concentration and even health problems such as headaches. Do you want to know exactly how much light intensity is needed in your room? Be sure to check out this website. 

We provide you with the necessary material

Do you have any other problems with the infrastructure of your new workplace? Buro International has a wide range of lighting that is also ideal for your home office. Furthermore, in this uncertain period we offer the possibility to buy an office chair online and have it delivered to your door. This for a greatly reduced price. A healthy attitude is just as important in your home office as it is at work. Of course you can still go to our webshop for other orders. If you need advice, don't hesitate to contact our customer service department.