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The five benefits of a Sit Stand desk.

1. A height-adjustable desk prevents back and neck complaints.
Because the users of an electrically height-adjustable desk spend less time sitting down, they avoid complaints caused by prolonged sitting. After all, the position of the spine when working standing is more natural than when sitting down. This reduces the risk of back pain. Ergonomists stress that the advantages of a sit stand desk are already noticeable when you spend about 20% of your working time standing up instead of sitting down.

2. A sit standing desk increases alertness and energy
Research has shown that those who work at a sit stand desk feel more alert and energetic than those who work at a traditional desk. Working standing means that the brain is more active, but also that one does not have to sleep as much while working, especially in the afternoon. Thanks to an electrically adjustable sit standing desk, productivity will certainly increase. You can always test this in one of our test centres.

3. Healthier after buying a sit standing desk
A demonstrable direct link between sedentary work and cardiovascular diseases or diabetes cannot be made 100%. However, prolonged seated working does contribute to an overly passive attitude during the day. This increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases as well as type 2 obesity. The alternation between standing and sitting results in a more active posture. With an electrically height-adjustable table, this can be done at the push of a button.

4. Our sit stand desks are adaptable to everyone's needs and wishes.
Our ZitSta desks are available in various sizes and colours, all electrically adjustable. You can also use your own desktop on a sit stand base. The same type of desk can therefore meet the ergonomic requirements of both large and small people. Also ideal for use in shared workspaces.

5. Standing desk meetings allow for dynamic meetings.
hMeetings often take a lot of time. Research has shown that this time can be reduced by about 25% simply by holding the meeting at a standing desk. This time saving is achieved without compromising the quality of the decisions taken. Any meeting lasting less than half an hour can be held standing up. Come and test it in our showroom in Tielt.