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Aeris was founded in 1996 by the German Josef Glöckl, a family business that wants to feel connected to every customer. Aeris develops the techniques and components for their products themselves, which maximises user satisfaction and health. In 1997, an innovative, three-dimensional, flexible seating element was first introduced: The Swopper. With it, the company immediately made its mark on the ergonomic market. The Swopper proved to be an ideal remedy for back pain. Besides the Swopper, the Muvman, 3dee and Oyo are also some bestsellers that may sound familiar to you.

An ergonomic solution for everyone

According to Aeris, people are simply made to move. But many office jobs suppress this need. We sit too long, often more than 11 hours a day. Our bodies resist with cramped positions and excess weight. Softer seats, wider backrests, even more levers and other technical toys are supposed to make this bearable. At Aeris, they find this absurd and imprudent. The company says that the cause of the problem is ignored many times over. That is the exact reason why they make active 3D seating. In the first place, these will ensure that a natural freedom of movement is provided. In addition, they renounce the unnecessary frills.

Sustainable and environmentally conscious

Every day, a considerable number of Swoppers leave the production site in Horgau, near Augsburg. As Aeris manufactures more and more new products, its responsibility to produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way is also growing. For this reason, the company constantly checks its internal and external processes with regard to sustainability, environmental compatibility, safety and health. Furthermore, they have been generating their own electricity with the help of solar panels for many years, use fully recyclable materials and always take a critical look at classic logistical challenges such as packaging and transport.

Recognised worldwide

The inclusion of Aeris in the top 100 most innovative German SME companies demonstrates the potential and dynamism of a company that has established and expanded its success through increasing internationalisation and the continuous expansion of its portfolio. Aeris has more than 50 employees. Its products are sold worldwide.