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Bejot was founded in 1984 and is known for its unique office furniture with a focus on ergonomics. The products solve office problems and ensure that the working person can carry out his/her work as well as possible. Bejot's product range consists mainly of seating. The unique thing about the seating furniture is that the design is often based on nature and that the well-being of people comes first. Over the years, Bejot has evolved from a small woodworking factory to a dynamic chair and office chair manufacturer. On a daily basis Bejot works together with renowned designers. Thanks to these designs of new models Bejot always stands out for their originality and functionality.

Why choose Bejot?

For a number of years, Bejot has been one of the most important and fastest growing manufacturers in the field of office and conference chairs. The Polish brand owes this primarily to its many years of experience, combined with close cooperation with scientific institutions in the field of ergonomics. In addition, Bejot has very strict requirements when it comes to selecting materials and components. Bejot's designs are slightly idiosyncratic with a playful touch. An absolute topper, for example, is the 'treehouse', a mobile lounge made of an upholstered exterior and an oak floor. Furthermore, the brand is mainly known for its lounge furniture that gives an office just that little bit extra. They also have some great accessories in their range such as a plant table to brighten up a dull office space. Bejot offers different possibilities to make a company a pleasant place to be.