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Cascando is a Dutch design brand. They create, design and produce high-quality seating elements, acoustic furniture and original interior accessories (such as coat racks). With these distinctive and modern interior products, they focus on perfecting inspirational work environments. Because they want to keep successful people successful.

Cascando believes that feeling happy at work is an essential condition for success. Trusting in the safety and comfort of a space is a sustainable lubricant that empowers feelings of genuine connection. As a person, as an employee or as a guest. At Cascando, they want to prove it with original interior designs and products that complete inviting office worlds and stimulate interaction, in functional and inspiring spaces.

An office is so much more than just a workplace. It's a small planet, an ecosystem that connects teams. With different spaces where interior design encourages people to perform at their best. At Cascando, they believe that great design is about that: making people feel at home in the workplace. Because only happy people contribute to a positive work culture and initiate new performance.

Every space is worth celebrating. They do just that. Their forward-looking interior products, perfect spaces and make people feel at home. They create radiance and a positive atmosphere. It is this vitality that you see in their designers and in their authentic designs.