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At Dataflex, they are happy to help you realise your full potential. They are convinced that if a workplace suits you perfectly, you will also feel at home at work. "Feeling at work", is what they call it. Their products have the ideal balance between functionality, design and price. But no worries: the commitment to help create ergonomic computer workstations for every budget never goes at the expense of dedication to quality.

Dataflex designs products that combine ergonomics, technology and workstations. They call them "ergonomic computer workplace accessories". They are products for every day, every budget and every employee: from freelancers to multinationals and from factories to banks. All with friendly advice, excellent service and professional support. And all that with just one goal: to help you realise a comfortable, healthy and inspiring workplace that suits you perfectly.

Dataflex not only strives for sustainable relationships, but also for a sustainable planet. They do everything in their power to be transparent, to work with integrity at all times and to constantly respect the community and the environment. For them, it is therefore important to work with partners who share these ambitions. Dataflex has been working in this industry for 30 years and has developed into a specialist in the field. Today, both their technical standards and theirstriking designs receive much praise. They even hold a highly sought-after ISO certification for product development, production, assembly, sales and delivery processes and have won a number of design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award and the iF Award.

Professionals in every sector swear by the many ergonomic Dataflex solutions. Dataflex products are suitable for a wide range of challenges, whether your workplace is your own home or a large office. The products help you to create a comfortable, healthy and inspiring workplace.