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Belgian Design

The story of Extremis started in a wooden garden house that Dirk Wynants built together with his father (a carpenter), grandfather and two of his brothers. The metal elements were supplied by his brother-in-law Karel and his company. Dirk and his father sawed tree trunks into planks themselves to make the wooden parts. Their first piece of furniture, Gargantua, was the result of Dirk's background in carpentry and his in-laws' knowledge of metalworking.

Their warehouse was located somewhere in the depths of the Flemish countryside, in the rural Westhoek, but the company decided to go international from the start. The second table they ever made was sold in France. Today, Extremis is a true international leader in the outdoor furniture industry. Time and time again Extremis uses durable materials that can withstand all weather conditions. The company wants to contribute to the well-being of people: making furniture which improves the quality of life and which radiates pure happiness.