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As humans, we are made to move. HÅG designs chairs that help you stay healthier, more active and alert by allowing your whole body to move effortlessly while you sit and work. The result is more freedom, more comfort and better productivity.

HÅG makes high quality chairs that are designed to last. The way they look, feel and affect you is their top priority. All the inside and outside parts have been carefully thought out. It brings you the best in Scandinavian design.

On top of that, HÅG is a pioneer in the field of sustainability. The brand has a well-documented track record for reducing energy consumption, minimising waste and striving to make products from recycled materials that can, in turn, be recycled.

Our HÅG bestseller is without a doubt the Capisco. This ergonomic office chair continues to stand the test of time. Inspired by the posture of horse riders, the innovative saddle-shaped seat and unique saddle structure allow for a wide range of sitting and semi-standing positions, encouraging you to vary your posture. You can sit in line with the seat, on your side or even upside down, it doesn't matter, as long as it's comfortable.