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Object Carpet

Object Carpet

Carpets have been Object Carpet's passion for over 40 years and they are driven to make their products better every day.

That means uncompromising quality combined with special design. That's why at Object Carpet, they don't just stay on top of trends, they also set accents. Object Carpet's entire range of flooring stands for longevity and robustness. Their carpets allow architects, businesses and private clients to set sharp and vibrant accents in specific areas of a building. They create inspiring spaces to work and live in. Transforming retail and public spaces into aesthetically pleasing spaces that offer something more than just their function.

Object Carpet's solutions enable us to contribute to the architectural beauty of the floor. Even in places with challenging conditions, we always strive for beautiful architectural results. With collections such as FACTS & INSPIRATIONS, FREESTILE and RUGXSTYLE, Object Carpet is always showcasing innovative designs and original designs.