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Smit Visual

Smit Visual

Functional design of offices and business spaces has been one of the specialties of Smit Visual for years. They turn any space into a decorative and functional work environment. They combine different materials, shapes and colours for your writing or pin boards.

A work or meeting room must be not only representative but also functional. The interactive wall solutions of Smit Visual take care of this. Easily share and present your information with your client, colleagues and suppliers. Smit Visual turns every wall into a solid writing and projection surface to write on, attach notes on and work interactively. Special beamers with finger touch control turn the whiteboard into an interactive touch screen on which you can add notes. The wall panels consist of a combination of whiteboard, pinboard or glassboard panels, which can be printed with text, images and logos. The wall panels are always made in their own factory in any desired format.

Besides whiteboards, Smit Visual notice boards and partitions are a real contribution to the company. Design your workspace according to your own taste and insight. Combine shapes and colours of pinboards and writing surfaces to a suitable combination. Use fabrics that are also used for the upholstery of chairs and furniture. The Smit Visual interior design concepts create a colourful and decorative whole where furnishings and presentation tools are seamlessly integrated. Many colour combinations are possible for the modern office, showroom or shop. The notice boards and partitions are also available in 18 different colours and various fabric structures.

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