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Scandinavian String Furniture, founded in 1949, is a must in Buro International's range. The String cupboard systems are a real design classic and can be found in various settings (SMEs, multinationals, shops, cafés, restaurants, in private homes, hotels, etc.).

The String cupboard system owes its success to its flexibility. Despite its simplicity, there are thousands of different possibilities for configuring and ordering this cupboard system entirely according to your wishes. It is also extremely durable, because after several years of use, you can always add or remove parts. In this way, the cabinet can always be used in other places.

The absolute topper in the String range is the String Pocket. This was the very first design to be put into production by this Swedish brand. It is still one of the best-selling models in our range. This is due to its wide applicability. The compact, horizontal storage system is also available in various colours and materials.

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