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Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard

Vincent Sheppard has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort since 1992. The Belgian company is the world leader in 'Lloyd Loom' furniture, a technique whereby kraft paper is twisted around a metal thread and woven into unique pieces of furniture. Today, they export their furniture to more than 50 countries. Although headquartered in Belgium, their main production plant is in Indonesia, a country known for its rich weaving tradition.

Fair and sustainable

From the outset, the brand made the clear choice to work with natural materials as much as possible in the production of their furniture. However, at Vincent Sheppard they are convinced that companies have a responsibility that goes beyond the product itself. Namely, transparency and honesty. They strongly believe that the customer should be able to trust them, so they treat the earth, its resources and people with respect. In short, the company has an ecological mindset. At Vincent Sheppard, they are very conscious of the consumption of raw materials. Recycling, cleaning waste water and using ecological cleaning products are therefore standard procedures at the company.

For both inside and outside

Vincent Sheppard offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture. The indoor furniture is designed to be both extremely comfortable and a real eye-catcher. The outdoor collection, on the other hand, consists of high-quality designs that add extra character to a garden or terrace. In addition to the Lloyd Loom range, Vincent Sheppard also offers a range of furniture made from synthetic material that can be left outside all year round. Besides classics such as the Teo and Roxanne chair, Vincent Sheppard also has innovative products such as the Albert X and Albert A table. Vincent Sheppard thus stands for chairs, tables, lounges and armchairs made in the traditional manner with sustainable materials and with a great love of design and comfort.