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Engie Brussels

Engie Brussels

The head office of Engie in Brussels was redesigned and we took care of the loose furniture. Because Engie is a big company, we have been working intensively for three years to guarantee the best possible cooperation.

A first challenge that posed itself was the present desks. These were still too good to replace, but with their width of 180 cm they no longer fitted into the new interior concept. We have adapted the base of each desk and replaced the top with a 160 cm wide top. And that at over 2,000 agencies.

In several places, ZitSta workplaces are provided to give employees the opportunity to work in an upright position. Centrally in the corridors we have placed lockers with a combination lock. This gives people the opportunity to store their personal belongings safely and keep a clean desk. The lockers are especially interesting for the flexworkers of Engie who do not have a fixed workplace.. It gives them the chance to work in a free workplace without having to take a lot of material from home to the office and vice versa.