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Huygens Bvba

Huygens Bvba

Accountants and tax consultants Huygens has been a client of ours for a long time and entrusted us with the redesign and expansion of their offices. They had bought the adjoining building and together with Het Kantoor Van Morgen we gave it a new look. In the new part, a pleasant reception and meeting room has been provided, where Huygens can receive his clients in style. But the employees were also thought of. With a living kitchen and showers, Huygens underlines the importance of a working environment that is also a pleasant living environment.

Existing offices were also overhauled and we were looking for a balance between working together and working in isolation. There came an open space that we divided up with vertical slats. With flexible workspaces and focus areas, the office fully meets the needs of the employees. In order to keep up with today's ergonomic requirements, Huygens chose ZitSta's height-adjustable workstations.

Huygens had another request. Bookkeeping offices have the image of being rather boring and dusty and Huygens absolutely wanted to get rid of that label. That's why we suggested warm materials and autumn colours that accentuate the stylish solidity of an accounting firm. The warm atmosphere continues into the dining area, where a custom-made solid oak monastic table shows off. We also provided a made-to-measure sofa and a chair, together with chairs in different colours. Nice extra: the conference table can also be used as a table tennis table.

In collaboration with Het Kantoor Van Morgen