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Deberenn designs chairs and sofas for both large and small companies. They offer a wide range of activity-based seating solutions for shops, offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants or lounge areas.

Deberenn's seating collection is always comfortable and meets customer needs by offering different solutions characterised by comfort, ergonomics, design and the use of durable materials. Aesthetics, beauty, resistance and versatility of use are adjectives that best describe Deberenn's seating collection, where quality and functionality are the first step for first class product designs.

Deberenn's products are designed to be adapted to the special requirements of the customer. Even with large orders they are able to develop and implement special solutions quickly and efficiently. The requirements and wishes of their customers are a constant source of valuable ideas for the development of new products. By using different colours and materials, Deberenn's interior designers are able to understand the needs of the market, create new collections and help to tackle not only offices but any type of contract project.