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Pure from Interstuhl, the ergonomic office chair that adapts to you.

Interstuhl's Pure is meant to sit but designed to move. The central element of the Pure, the Smart Spring technology, is made of a combination of polyamide and fiberglass. This ergo office chair stimulates a dynamic posture. An active sitting position increases the blood flow to your muscles, making you feel fit for longer. Healthy sitting is therefore guaranteed.

Pure, the ideal office chair for shared use in the flexible workspace

Are you looking for the ideal ergonomic office chair for your flex office? It's not fun to have to fully adjust your office chair every day. The Pure office chair offers the solution. The chair automatically adjusts to your body, no further settings are required. Thanks to its intuitive use, the Pure is the ergonomic solution for every flexible workstation and for people who want to sit in the right position easily.

Pure, not just any chair but an Interstuhl

Interstuhl, the producer of the ergo Pure chair, has years of experience in the production of ergonomic office chairs. The Pure is therefore the embodiment of gründlichkeit and innovation on which the German family business focuses. In addition, the company achieves all of this without losing sight of the environment and its surroundings.

The Pure, a chair of the present for the future

Interstuhl's Pure assures you of a seating experience like never before - for the world of tomorrow to which you already belong today. Are we confident that you will take our word for it when we say it is the office chair of the future? Of course not! Come and try it out now in one of our showrooms.